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Sustainable Living

Our economy, culture, and quality of life are closely tied to the environment. Sustainable practices enable us to meet our current needs without compromising the next generation's ability to satisfy their own needs. We can preserve our natural heritage and conserve natural resources for the future by living sustainably.

To find out what Extension services are available in your area or to get personal assistance, please contact your county Extension office.

Sustainable Fishing (Part 2)

Discover different sustainable fishing practices in the second part of this two-part video series. More...  More»

Sustainable Fishing (Part 1)

Learn a variety of different sustainable fishing practices in this two-part video series. More...  More»

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can help you save money by reducing home energy bills. Sometimes these efficiency measures have high up-front costs that inhibit homeowners from making upgrades, despite long-term savings. Incentives offered by federal, state, and local governments and utility providers can help homeowners afford these projects. Efficiency Measures Besides lowering costs for consumers, energy efficiency lowers  More»

Sustainable Car Washing

While you may think you save water washing your own car, commercial car washes actually conserve a lot more water. In fact, most commercial car washes use 60% less water to clean your entire car compared to only rinsing (not even cleaning) your car at home. Commercial car washes save water because many of them use two types of recycling systems—100% closed-loop systems and partial recycle systems. Closed-loop systems recycle 100% of the  More»

Saving Water at Home

While the outside temperature surges during Florida’s hot summer, the amount of water homeowners use does, too. Throughout the summer, an average family can use 1,000 gallons of water per day, a 600-gallon increase over their daily use in cooler months! By following these quick tips, saving water at home can be a breeze this summer. Kitchen Fill a pitcher of water and cool it in the fridge, instead of running water until  More»

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