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With an annual impact of $70 billion, agriculture is vital to the state of Florida. We provide relevant and timely resources to food producers and others who need information about Florida agriculture.

To find out what Extension services are available in your area or to get personal assistance, please contact your county Extension office.

Developing Agritainment

Local residents know that millions of visitors flock to Florida to visit its beaches, theme parks, and other attractions each year. But many locals don’t know there are fun activities close to home. Agritainment—a variation of agritourism—attracts local residents to farm activities, such as picking strawberries, visiting farm animals, or getting lost in a corn maze. Although it may sound like a new term, agritainment has been an  More»

Improving Deer Habitat

Learn how to improve deer populations while continuing to farm on your land. More...  More»

What are Drip-Irrigation Systems?

Drip irrigation allows water to slowly drip near plant roots through plastic pipes—resulting in precisely controlled water. Although they may not be options for all farms, properly designed drip-irrigation systems can improve productivity and cut labor and production costs for small farms. Small farmers wanting to use a drip-irrigation system should consider the advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of Drip  More»

Basic Hoof Care for Horses

Understand how to care of horses' hooves, which is vital to their overall health and well-being. More...  More»

Eggplant Pest Management

While citrus comes to mind when thinking of Florida crops, the state was ranked second nationally in annual eggplant production. With eggplant production flourishing throughout Florida (southeastern Florida is the main production region), it’s important for farmers to familiarize themselves with pests that could damage their crops. Insect Pests American Serpentine Leafminer American serpentine  More»