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With an annual impact of $70 billion, agriculture is vital to the state of Florida. We provide relevant and timely resources to food producers and others who need information about Florida agriculture.

To find out what Extension services are available in your area or to get personal assistance, please contact your county Extension office.

Vaccinating Small Poultry Flocks

Commercial poultry is typically vaccinated, but small flock owners rarely vaccinate their birds for a variety of reasons: vaccines are too expensive, the owners are unaware disease is present, or they don’t know where to purchase vaccines. If left unmanaged, these diseases could lead to loss of income, death of valuable breeding stock, or an inability to participate in poultry shows. Vaccination is an effective way to prevent or reduce the  More»

Strawberry Diseases

Diseases attack nearly all parts of strawberry plants, affecting both yields and quality. Botrytis fruit rot and powdery mildew are two major strawberry diseases in Florida. Here are some facts and tips on how to check your strawberry plants for these diseases, and how to handle these diseases if your plants are affected. Botrytis Fruit Rot Botrytis fruit rot (also called gray mold) is caused by a fungus, Botrytis  More»

Protecting Pets and Livestock from Cold Weather

As temperatures begin to cool, protecting pets and livestock from chilly weather becomes a priority. Pets require protection from the cold, as fur, feathers and other outer skin coverings may not provide enough warmth. Younger or small animals face a greater risk of severe winter-related injuries and death. Most livestock can adapt to cold weather as long they have enough food, water and shelter to help them manage their body  More»

Protecting Livestock from Predators

Predators are animals that kill and eat other animals, or prey. Predation is a natural process, and the only animals not considered predators are ones that strictly feed on plants. The first step in protecting livestock from predators is... to determine if your livestock is being preyed on by other animals. Florida Predators The Florida panther and black bear are the largest potential predators of livestock in the state, and  More»

Eggplant Pest Management

While citrus may come to mind when people think of crops in Florida, the state was ranked second nationally in annual eggplant production. With eggplant production happening throughout Florida (southeastern Florida being the main production region), it’s important for farmers to familiarize themselves with pests that could damage their crops. Insect Pests American Serpentine Leafminer  More»

Developing Agritainment

Local residents know that millions of visitors flock to Florida to visit its beaches, theme parks and other attractions each year. But many locals don’t know there are fun activities close to home. Agritainment is a variation of agritourism, an industry that involves out-of-towners visiting farms for entertainment, educational or recreational purposes. It attracts local residents to farm activities, such as picking strawberries, visiting  More»