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With an annual impact of $70 billion, agriculture is vital to the state of Florida. We provide relevant and timely resources to food producers and others who need information about Florida agriculture.

To find out what Extension services are available in your area or to get personal assistance, please contact your county Extension office.

Smart Irrigation Practices

Did you know 80%–90% of the nation’s ground and surface water is used for agricultural irrigation? With water demands expected to increase with time, using smart irrigation practices is vital to conserving water for future use. Smart Irrigation Tips Farmers should consider using the following tips to water more efficiently when irrigating land. Adopt a  More»

Watermelon Pest Management

Learn all about watermelon production and their different pests. More...  More»

Maintenance Safety

You can reduce the risk of injuries by keeping your equipment—tractors, harvesters, and other machines—in good condition. Here are some general maintenance and safety tips. Remember, you can't be too careful! Be Consistent Perform maintenance on a regular schedule. Record the dates of maintenance for each piece of equipment for future reference. Follow the maintenance recommendations in your user manuals and routinely  More»

Insecticides and Wildlife

Learn about the effects insecticides have on wildlife. More...  More»

Fences: Let’em Grow

Find out more about fencerows, one of the most important wildlife habitat features in agricultural lands. More...  More»