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We know your life is complicated. That's why we have information about health and nutrition, money management, food, home concerns, relationships, and many other topics. Our resources can help you whether you are retired, a first-time parent, a teen, or someone in between.

To find out what Extension services are available in your area or to get personal assistance, please contact your county Extension office.

Learn How to Start a Food Business

Have you ever had a great idea for a food business but just didn’t know how to make that idea a reality? On May 13 and 27, UF/IFAS will host a workshop on it takes to be successful in the food business. The workshop will include presentations on business planning, product development, food science, food safety, and government laws and regulations.1,2 This information is designed to help entrepreneurs be competitive in a market where  More»

Thinking About a Credit Card? Consider This

April Is Financial Literacy Month If you’ve never had a credit card or you’re wondering if one is right for you, there are several things to consider before you apply. Pros and Cons How do you plan on using a credit card? Credit cards can be useful when it comes to paying for things quickly and easily, especially if it’s an emergency. You can use your credit card statement to keep track of how much you spend and on what.  More»

All about Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that helps keep your heart, muscles, nerves, bones, and DNA in proper working order.1 Who’s Not Getting Enough? Most American diets are low in magnesium, though healthy people who don’t get enough don’t show the symptoms of deficiency. The elderly and people with gastrointestinal diseases, type 2 diabetes, or chronic alcoholism often don’t get enough of this mineral.2 Magnesium deficiency can cause “loss of  More»

All about Reverse Mortgages

[Tweet "April is Financial Literacy Month. Do you know what a reverse mortgage is? #UFIFAS_FCS #FLSaves"] April is Financial Literacy Month If you’re at or approaching retirement age and have equity in your home, you may have the option of taking out a reverse mortgage on your home.1 Learn more about reverse mortgages and their advantages and disadvantages. What's a  More»

Buying a House? Know Your FICO Score

[Tweet "April is #FinancialLiteracyMonth. Do you know your FICO score?"] April is Financial Literacy Month Do you know your FICO score? It's good to know where you stand, especially if you're looking to buy a house. A higher score tells lenders that you’re more likely to pay them back. When you ask a bank to lend you money to buy a home, the bank uses your FICO score to decide how much money it’s  More»

What Does Florida 4-H Mean Today?

[Tweet "Over the decades, @Florida4H has been growing #TrueLeaders. Find out what that means in 2016! #ItBeganWithAg"]4-H has been around for over 100 years1—but what does 4-H mean today? Maybe you’ve seen the four-leaf clover patch on a child’s backpack or you’ve heard of 4-H clubs. However, 4-H is more than just a logo or an activity. 4-H is and always has been about “learning by doing”—learning  More»