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To live in harmony with the Florida environment, we need to be aware of how our lives intersect with and affect it. We offer information about the animal and plant species that live here, as well as the coasts, estuaries, forests, swamps, lakes, hammocks, and wetlands that make our state unique, so you can enjoy—and help preserve—these treasures.

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All About Florida Panthers

Learn all about the past, present and future of Florida panthers. More...  More»

Florida’s State Animals

Florida has more than sunshine and amusement parks; it also has a range of natural resources and animals. Florida legislators have identified the following animals as state symbols to honor our natural environment. Florida State Animal: Florida Panther The Florida panther, one of Florida’s most endangered species, was designated as the official state animal in 1982. Size: Male Florida panthers are about 7  More»

August Wildlife Happenings

Wildlife comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes this month—from hatching sea turtles to migrating yellow warblers. More...  More»

Florida’s Spiny Lobster Season

Starting on August 6 and ending March 31, hundreds of thousands of boaters, divers, and snorkelers search along Florida’s coastal waterways and throughout the Florida Keys for spiny lobsters. Florida provides 100 percent of the nation's commercial spiny lobster landings, making it the state's most valuable fishery. Not only that, but south Florida and the Florida Keys rake in about $24 million each year thanks to recreational lobster  More»

What Is a Water Footprint?

You’ve probably heard the term “carbon footprint,” but have you heard of a “water footprint”? A water footprint refers to how much consumptive freshwater a product, person, or land area uses. (Consumptive water is water that becomes temporally unavailable due to evaporation or quality decline.) The water footprint calculation was developed by the Water Footprint Network and  More»