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4-H events and activities are designed to foster an opportunity to promote positive youth development among young people. The 4-H program does this by following an experiential learning (hands-on) approach.

4-H events and activities are a planned part of the 4-H curriculum and are reflective of the 4-H Project. All events and activities should support an approved Curriculum/Project category:
  • Science: Animals, Plants, Environmental, & Technology, etc.
  • Leadership, Citizenship & Communications,
  • Healthy Living: Family and Consumer Sciences, Food, Personal Well-being & Safety.


All 4-H events and activities should be designed to allow youth to:
  • gain experience and develop skills in gathering, absorbing, preparing, and presenting educational information,
  • enhance decision making capabilities,
  • make public presentations,
  • learn standards by which comparisons are drawn
  • develop good sportsmanship.


Competitive events are just one of the many teaching methods used by 4-H leaders and Extension Agents. 4-H professionals and volunteers are encouraged to keep competitive events in the proper perspective, making sure the event or award does not become an end in itself. The emphasis should be placed on providing an educational experience for the 4-H’er and not on the importance of winning an award. It is imperative that we, as agents and leaders, realize that the real winner is the 4-H’er who learns about being a more responsible member of society as a result of their 4-H experience.

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