The Commercial Citrus Extension Agent provides wide ranging educational programs to grove owners, managers, and employers.  These include improved and economically sound production practices that enhance the productivity and profitability of citrus production in the Polk/Hillsborough County Area.

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Chris Oswalt

Commercial Citrus

Extension Agent IV, M.S.


Recent Citrus Blog Posts

Levy Extension Hosts Tamarixia Distribution

“I’m so excited” exclaimed Dottie H. upon receiving her vial containing 50 Tamarixia radiata, a biocontrol agent of the Asian citrus psyllid. “They are tiny,” observed B. Sims, whose husband had viewed a news story on tamarixia distribution. Psyllid, meet your match! Today’s event drew folks from Chiefland, Gulf Hammock, Yankeetown and Williston. As a result, more than 2 dozen Levy County residents have received


Watch Out for Cottony Cushion Scale

In our state, you see many insects on ornamental plants including those known as scales.  Scales are a diverse group in Florida, with over 180 species.  Many of these do very little damage to plants but some are quite destructive, once of which being the Cottony Cushion Scale (Icerya purchasi). These are currently active in our landscape, as evidenced by the sample picture in this article that was found feeding on Knockout Roses at


100 Years of Citrus Research and Education

The UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) is fast approaching a very special anniversary. The Center has been providing citrus industry research and education to the Florida Citrus Industry for 100 years. 100 years is truly a long time. As I think about all that occurs in 365 days - one year, I cannot imagine one hundred.