University of Florida

Wildlife Happenings

Whether you prefer to experience nature in the wild or at home, you can find out what Florida's animals are doing any time of year. Florida Wildlife Extension's Wildlife Happenings is a list of typical wildlife activity--organized by month--that also includes advice on looking and listening for certain types of animals.

Interacting with wildlife can be as simple as watching birds in your own backyard. For example, many birds start nesting in early spring. Hanging up gourds or birdhouses and starting a brush pile near your bird feeder will encourage birds to make their homes in your yard. Check Wildlife Happenings to find out which birds you're likely to see.

Wildlife Happenings covers many kinds of creatures, from alligators, frogs, and snakes to bats, squirrels, and deer. To learn about other ways to interact with Florida's wildlife, visit the sites listed at the side of this article.