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There is a cat in my yard!

The world is divided into two types of people, cat lovers and dog lovers. Occasionally you run into someone like myself that like both. Each animal has its own charm, the loyal dog and the fickle cat. Cats can be pesky, especially when they are feral. Feral is the term for an animal that has escaped domestication and now roams free. The debate over what to do with them isn’t going to be settled soon. Not all cats that show up are feral. Some


Are Your Plants Protected from the Cold ?

Does my ficus need a jacket?           Florida usually has several days that your more tropical plants might be in danger. When frost is predicted you will want to protect your more sensitive plants. Identifying the plants in your yard that are sensitive is the first step and can be challenging. Trial and error is usually how people discover this but if you don't want to find out through the school of hard knocks you might


Beekeeping hasn’t lost its attraction

To Bee or not to Bee       Everyone is worried about the bees. Since colony collapse started being recognized as in issue in the 2007, the word is out that bees may be in trouble. Yet, and maybe because of, there are more beekeepers than ever.  Florida has over 4,000 colonies or hives and that has steadily increased over the last few years. 3 out of 4 of those beekeepers are considered backyard beekeepers with less than 10 colonies. The news